Where is Pinebanks Field?

Pinebanks Field is in Olmstead Park, situated next to the southwest corner of Perkins Street and the Jamaicaway. Map from Google Maps. Since there is no dedicated parking, please try parking along Jamaica Pond, on Perkins Street, or the side streets across from Pinebanks Field.

What equipment do we need?

We recommend that each child bring their own ball, but we provide extras as well. We provide team t-shirts and equipment for the practices.  No other equipment is required, although children are allowed to wear shin guards if they like. 

How much does it cost to play?

The registration fee is $25 for one child and $20 for each additional child. For children of volunteer coaches, the cost is $15. 

Do I need to live in Jamaica Plain in order to play? 

No, the league is open to all families in the Greater Boston area.

What about inclement weather?

The general rule is if it's raining 15 minutes before practice, practice is cancelled.  Any thunder or lightning cancels practice and all teams should leave the field. 

How do I contact my co-coaches, team parent or other team families?

Our registration system does not generate a confirmation, but if you confirm your credit card was charged then your registration was completed. Once we close our on-line registration for the season we will send out team assignments to all particpants and indentify the coaches and team parents. The coaches will also be in touch with you seperately.  You can then make conections with other parents and families at the first practice.  Our new system is not interactive though, so there is no way for you to view the teams or use the system to send emails.  

Are there other soccer leagues in the area that you know about?

I'm new to JP/Boston...what other sites should I know about?

How do I contact JPCS?

Questions?  Contact us at contact@jpchildrensoccer.org.