Welcome to JP Childrens' Soccer!

JP Children’s Soccer Volunteers Needed (Spring Registration will open once we fill these volunteer jobs)

For over 25 years JP Children’s Soccer has serviced the community and provided a low cost athletic activity for young kids.  We are in need of Volunteers to take on leadership roles within the league to ensure we are still able to service the community in the future.  Our current group of league coordinators has been involved with the league for many years, with some as long as 10 years or more.  As a result most if not all of our coordinators have not had kids playing in the league for many years also.  While we do not expect commitments as long as 10 years, we do need volunteers who can work with us for two years or more to ensure continuity and avoid constant turnover in our staff.  Listed below are the current positions in the league and we need someone to for everyone except Coach Coordinator.  These are not time intensive jobs as most of the work only happens in the 1-2 months leading up to the start of our spring and fall season.  If you are willing to help out or have questions about the jobs please send and email to contact or call Phil Hall at 617-719-0974 (do not call this number if you are not calling about volunteering in the league).


Communications – Managing email communication to and from parents and helping to resolve issues with registration.  This will also require accessing the registration system to make corrections and adjustments to the registration information as needed*.

Web Page – Maintaining the Web Page to update the site contents and the opening page based on the time related to the season*.

Team Parent Coordinator – Coordinate the assignment of team parent volunteers to each team and to ensure that they understand their role the team, which includes coordinating the assignment of snack providers for each team and the distribution of t-shirts. 

Concussion and Permit Coordinator – Ensure that each coach has taken the City of Boston required concussion training and completed their certification.  This person will also obtain the permit from the City each season for the field we use. 

Registration Coordinator – Works directly with the registration platform to assign children to teams prior to the start of the season, and to make adjustments to the assignments as needed prior to the start of the season. 

Walk-On Registration Coordinator – handles walk-on registration, which is held on the first day for each season.  The person will also assists with the entry of these registrations into our system also. 

IT Systems – Our Web Page and Email system work, but they have not been updated or changed in many years.  Improvements, while not urgent, need to be considered.  Five years ago we developed our own registration system and it has been very successful, and more than paid or itself, but we have identified many functional improvements which could make the system even better and save more time for the league coordinators.  Someone with good IT skills is needed to help assess and help implement any changes with the program developers. 

Coach Coordinator – This coordinator works to ensure that each team has 2-3 coaches to lead the team through the season and then communicates with these coaches to provide them with support throughout the season.

*These jobs have been handled by the same person in the past.

What is JP Children’s Soccer?

JPCS is a laid back, grass roots, community based kid-focused league. We emphasize fun activities and positive reinforcement along with team and community building.  Our coaches are all volunteers and have a wide variety of soccer experience and personal styles. As long as the children are having fun, we are being successful.

How do you get involved?

Please read this and other pages in our here to get as much information about the league, our mission and how to register.

The Fall Season runs from Wednesday September 14th to Saturday November 12th at Pinebanks Field (see our FAQ page for a map).  Registration will close on Friday, September 2ndThe earlier you register, the more likely you are to get your 1st choice practice time.  We can’t accept any late registrations.

The season is 8 weeks, with a one hour "practice" for all the teams, held on Wednesday at 4 PM or Saturday at 9, 10 and 11 AM.  One key for us every season is volunteers to be coaches and team parents.  Please consider taking on one of these roles.  We are always in need of coaches, particularly for our Wednesday teams.  

Please read through our 5 Things to Know listed at the top of this page as well as the About JPCS and FAQ page to learn more about JP Children's Soccer. 

There is no Saturday practice or Sunday games on Columbus Day Weekend (October 8th and 9th).  

Level 3 players may also come to an optional scrimmage on Sunday Afternoons at Pinebanks at 3:00 PM.  Level 3 coaches will be there to coordinate the games. 

Registration Age Guidelines  

3.5 – 4.5: Level 1  

4.5 – 5-5: Level 2  

5.5 - 6.5: Level 3

The cost for the season is only $25 and we are an all-inclusive league with no set boundary lines. Children from all neighborhoods and towns are welcome.


Parents/Coaches – New regulations for the City of Boston require us to certify that all coaches and other personnel involved in the league have been provided training regarding head trauma. This will be in the form of an on-line video that we will ask all volunteer coaches.  If you want to get a jump on the training please link to the CDC video; CDC concussion training.  We realize it is long, but we and other sports league will all be required to certify that you watch it and that you are engaged in the prevention of head trauma in partnership with us.  We will also post more information on this when registration opens.  

If you still have equipment and need to get it back to us please let us know with an email to or send a message to the coach coordinator.   

JP Children’s Soccer has a long history of supporting children in the community and this is all based on the volunteer coaches and team parents.  Our Leadership Team is also comprised of volunteers and we are always looking for new additions to the leadership team to take on roles that allow us deliver this popular program to the JP Community.  If you are interested in joining our team please contact us as

We always need new coaches and we count on many of our previous volunteers to return. Thank you! Our league depends on its parents! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE THERE EVERY WEEK!  WE STAFF EACH TEAM WITH AT LEAST TWO COACHES.